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Only on New
Nintendo 3DS XL

The power of the New Nintendo 3DS XL system makes it possible to experience the world of Xenoblade Chronicles on-the-go.

New Nintendo 3DS XL Front New Nintendo 3DS XL Back

Faster Processor

The improved CPU performance means faster loading times and more power.

Face Tracking 3D

Enjoy stable 3D viewing that really immerses you in the game.

NFC Reader

Built-in amiibo support makes it simple to scan the Shulk™ amiibo figure.


Use the control stick to easily change your camera angle.

ZR Button

Use ZR to fast travel or control your party.

ZL Button

ZL lets you zoom in and out.

ZL/ZR Buttons

ZL lets you zoom in and out. Use ZR to fast travel or control your party.

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New Features

Collect Tokens via the StreetPass™ feature, by spending Play Coins, or with a Shulk amiibo figure.



Use your Tokens to unlock music tracks from the game, which you can listen to even when you've closed your system.

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Model Viewer

You can also use Tokens to earn animated 3D models of many characters from the game.

Shulk amiibo Figure

Shulk amiibo

Tap the figure to the NFC reader to collect Tokens more quickly.

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